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   Bob Patterson is a professional singer, songwriter, and storyteller with over forty years of experience performing at clubs and festivals all over the United States, and on nationally syndicated radio and television programs. His career began in the late 1960's when he signed a recording contract with the prestigious folk music label, Vanguard Records. He recorded an album at that time with his folk-rock band, Elizabeth. Bob wrote and sang the popular single ‘Mary Ann’, along with four other cuts on the album.

     Bob moved to Florida in 1969 and became an integral part of the Florida folk music scene. He has been featured at the Florida Folk Festival for over forty years performing 12 string guitar and song writing workshops, storytelling, and music concerts. He opened for Emmy Lou Harris at the 2005 event and was chosen as one of the Legacy Performers for the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 festivals. He independently produces music and stories on CD which have received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. His songs have been recognized by the American Song Festival and The Best of Florida Song Writing Competition. His song ‘Lullabye of the Rivers’ was used in the documentary film about the Ocklawaha River. He had his book ‘Forgotten Tales of Florida’ published by the History Press.

     Bob is the co-founder of the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival and has served as the events artistic director for over fifteen years. He is a board member of the Florida Storytelling Association. He has, also, been producing music for the HAWKE Wildlife Association’s ‘Music for the Birds Concert’ for over twenty years.

     Author and co-founder of the Florida Storytelling Guild, Annette Bruce, writes that “Bob creates music and word pictures that give us roots so we can stand, and faith so we can fly”. The editor of First Coast Entertainer, Rick Grant, writes that “Bob valiantly carries on the Gamble Rogers tradition of humorous storytelling, folk-singing, and consummate guitar artistry. He is a true Florida songwriter and superb picker of the 12 string”. Dr. Margaret Longhill, president of the Will McLean Foundation writes, “His songs, like his photographs, vignettes of the heart, stir us to look a little deeper and love a little more”.

     With a distinctive voice and 12 string guitar technique, Bob will take you on a trip through the real Florida that is filled with humor and folklore of the people. Even his traditional tales are woven in such a way that they appear to be part of the Sunshine State’s landscape. His stories will tie you back to the land, to the plants and animals, to Florida’s precious water, and to Florida’s real people. His poignant music and stories will evoke nostalgia for a way of life that is quickly fading. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the spoken art of storytelling with music and song from one of Florida’s premier performers.


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